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Gulfstream Heat Pumps

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The Gulfstream HE 150-R-A  Pool Heat Pump

The Gulfstream HE 150-R-A

Pool Heat Pump


  • Titanium Turbo Heat Exchanger

  • Efficient Scroll Compressor

  • Super-Quiet 8 Pole Emerson Fan Motor

  • Higher efficiency in colder weather

  • Quiet – as low as 56 decibels at full operation

  • No-Rust ABS Cabinet

  • Digital Diagnostic LCD Display reads in real words

  • Super-Sized Evaporator Coil (20 sq. feet of wrap-around coil)

  • Patented Refrigerant Metering System

  • 2” Water flow – no need for an external bypass

  • Plumbing located out of the way

  • Compatible with all remote control systems

  • R-410A Refrigerant is environmentally friendly

         Model #:

HE110-RA   |   $3695
HE125-RA   |   $3895
HE125-RB   |   $4095

HE125-TA   |   $4495
HE125-TB   |   $4695
HE150-RA   |   $4295
HE150-RB   |   $4495

HE150-TA   |   $4895

 HE150-TB   |   $5095 

Gulf Stream is 20 more efficient than
leading brands. Save $100s in costs!

Advanced performance testing & superior
components are designed to last!


The only manufacturer to completely run-test every unit produced. Testing ensures proper performance.

COMPASS | Heat Pump Navigation

Designed to cperate your Compass enabled heat pump from wherever you are located. Control all temperature settings, see all error codes, lock your setting and control all the functions of your heat pump from the palm of your hand.

Compass Heat Pump Navigation App

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Located in Cape Coral, Florida serving the greater Lee County areas.

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