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Clear Blue Ionizer Mineral Lion

The ClearBlue system releases microscopic mineral ions that help control bacteria and algae in pools and hot tubs. This allows you to reduce chemical usage by 50-80%


The system comes with a digital controller, plumbing hookup kit, mineral cell, and test strips. It costs less than most other sanitizing systems.

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Clear Blue Ionizer Mineral Lion

ClearBlue does most of the water care work for you. You spend less time balancing chemicals and more time enjoying your pool.

Mineral pools have less chlorine than either salt or traditional chlorine pools. This means fresh smelling water that doesn't dry your skin.

The Clear Blue mineral system costs less than most other sanitizing systems. It also reduces the ongoing costs of maintaining a pool or spa.

Pool Ionizers are Effective at Algae Control

With a backyard swimming pool, algae is your worst enemy. Algae comes in many forms and the hotter it gets, the more it grows. Pool ionizers are extremely effective at controlling algae. The Clear Blue Ionizer in uses a combination of silver, copper and zinc, all known to battle different types of algae.

Pool Ionizers are Effective at Algae Control

If you have an ionized pool, you don’t need algaecide and you need less chlorine to keep the water clear. Plus, ionizers use natural minerals with no additives, so they are a clean and healthy way to control algae.


Salt water pools have been all the rage over the last decade. We’ll show you why mineral pools gives them a run for their money. Pool ionizer systems add microscopic mineral ions to the water. It takes up to two weeks to build up the ions, so this can be a tedious process at first. However, once they have reached the desired level, which is typically 0.2ppm to 0.4ppm, they are very stable so you don’t have to test it very often. Also, modern pool ionizer controllers make it easy to ramp the ions up if you follow the directions.

Mineral pools also require a residual of 0.6ppm of chlorine. This is used to burn up organic material that gets into the water from bathers (lotions, skin, hair, etc.) and the environment.The easiest way to deliver chlorine in a mineral pool is with an inline chlorinator. The chlorinator hooks into your plumbing and provides a reservoir for adding several chlorine tablets at once. There is a dial that allows you to set the chlorine output. Since the chlorine requirement is so low on a mineral pool, this can usually be set at 2 or 3 out of 10.

Mineral Lion 1 Year Warranty

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